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First Time Buyers Looking for a Mortgage

While it’s my pleasure to assist borrowers throughout Indiana, I enjoy providing local expertise to anyone within Marion County and the surrounding counties of Boone, Brown, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Madison, Morgan, Putnam, and Shelby.

First time buyers often ask…


What If I’ve Been Turned Down?

Every week I get a call from someone who was turned down for a loan somewhere. Some may have been turned down even after they paid certain debts and usually no explanation is given. If you’ve been turned down for a loan, you might be surprised how simple it can be to correct your financial profile. Getting past barriers to financing is possible. In my years of securing financing for clients, I’ve learned how the system works, inside and out. Every person who has been able to follow my suggestions, has been able to get a loan. 


How Can I Get Qualified?

As a Loan Officer, I do much more than find buyers the right home loan. I work with first-time buyers to develop a strategy for securing the perfect financing fit for their specific needs. I’ve worked with some clients for years before they got their first loan. We start by building a credit profile that maximizes your borrowing potential at the most competitive rates available, and then we match you with lenders who are willing and able to work with you.


What If I Lack Credit?

Some borrowers who always pay their bills on time and never take any loan are surprised to find they don’t qualify for a mortgage. For someone not used to the loan process, things don’t always seem to make sense, and little is ever explained. 


What If I Don’t Know When I’ll Buy?

It’s never too early to start planning to buy. If you think you’ll ever want to own a home, just pick up the phone. Planning your financial profile now can save substantial money in interest rates years from now.

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